Hello and welcome to Localized Richmond. My name is Vince Iemma and I am the founder of the store. What drives me every single day is simple. To meet and continue to grow a network of wonderful Human beings and give them a personalised level of service to create and build a strong sense of community in and around my organic health food store.

My store is all about bringing back an old style of personalised shopping experience. If the local organic store gives you a feeling of home and comfort after each experience I feel as if I have had a successful day and am satisfied.

In my daily life, eating and living Organically for me is just a way of life. I am a big believer of eating in Season, just as nature intends, so a big part of the store is education and getting everyone to understand what’s in Season. I am a true believer that the best investment you can make in life is on your health.

Come in store, meet myself and the team and truly get a special sense of community and family!

Food is not just food, it must be respected, held in the highest of priorities, and above all be a way-of-life!