Week Beginning Monday 10th of December 2018

As we draw further into the warmer weather, stonerfruit supply has abundence of fruit is now in store, our personal pick are our beautiful yellow nectarines which are organically grown in south australia.also available are new season blackberries which are locally grown in wandin east, harvest is short so get them while they are available. Also coming out of wandin are our beautiful sweet strawberries and our cherries have started, and are eating well.speaking of cherries, we are stocking a unique variety of cherry called ‘rainer’.this particular variety appears pale but eats exceptionally sweet.again, harvest is short so try them while they are available!

Finally asparagus is slowly drawing towards the end of our season but the organic asparagus we are stocking is still quite nice and tender.

That wraps up our fresh produce market report this week I hope you are inspired to create and eat some amazing seasonal food!